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The secret life of a blogger ♡♡

I’ve been blogging for almost 4 months now. I most say that  it’s quite an interesting art!! Someone, once asked me to define blogging and what it means to me. In my honesty, I simply responded as follows :

“Blogging is the art of playing with words, with the  intention of using real life stories intertwined with humor”

The art of blogging entails that your life is  literary an open book. Remember the goal is to enable people  identify with what you’re blogging about. It also means that you are open to criticism, especially if your story involves familiar characters. But, that is the whole point! Lol!

What good is  a long post without a touch of reality and a lesson to be learned?

It doesn’t matter if it’s a blog on relationships, career, family, etc….Before Jesus left earth to heaven , he commanded us to go into the world, do greater works, and preach his gospel (Mark 16:15). Some  preach from the pulpit as preachers, others like me preach via  blogging, lol! So long as  it brings glory to God and people can connect with the blog, I’m all in!

Understand that the  earth is groaning and waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God ( Romans 8: 19). Who are the sons of God? We are! How  do we manifest? By  using our gifts, and talents to spread the kingdom of God here on earth. The art of blogging is one of such talents, in my honest opinion 😉

To some, it is therapeutic, others see it as a way to keep  journals of significant milestones in their lives. Others have written best selling books, just because, they answered the call to blog, as a foundation to something bigger.

I’m quite aware that culture can influence how creative one can be while blogging. There is this tendency to blog about the good stuff, only. In reality, there is no perfect life. So when I experience a hiccup somewhere along the journey of my life, guess what?  I find the humor in it, and blog about it, lol!

The ultimate goal is to be the voice, by adding to the many positive voices out there. Just may be, a life will be inspired after stumbling by my blogging site.

Big thank you to Mercy Max ! Shout out to all the viewers, likes, and comments! It only gets better, y’all !!

Watch  out for the premier of the series “Coming to America” in 2018.

… be continued!

♡♡♡this nigerian_chic♡♡♡

Lake ridge, GA

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    • I like that thru your blog, you exist. That very unique voice that speaks inside of you – your own self – is made loud and clear. Up to anyone who wants to hear you to read it. But for that moment in time when I read your words, I feel you very well alive! In the present moment… maybe that’s a definition of eternity. In any case, it’s a great thing. The more people reading your blog and the more often, the more alive and eternal you are!
      ——- maybe here is there a need for marketing and exposure ———
      In many ways I am a fan of yours and strongly believe that your voice deserves to be heard, and that the best for you is to come yet. So keep up with your blogging!
      P.S.: And I like your title picture too ;))

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