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Gifted hands (part I)-The beginning

I started playing with fabrics as early as 8 years old or less. I vividly remember my needle work classes aka home economics in Sacred Heart Private School Onireke ,  Ibadan, Oyo state.  This location is somewhere in the western part of my motherland,Nigeria, West Africa.We made lots of fun stuff including hand sewn pillow cases, camisoles, table cloths, cross stitches, etc. This class activities ignited my curiosity in sewing.

As young as I was, I stitched up  every thing my hands could lay hold of. Barbie doll clothes, torn garments, you name it ! I clearly remember making a skirt for one of my siblings. Y’all this was hand sewn and I was so proud of myself! LOL! I had this random auntie that volunteered to give pieces of fabric from her mother’s sewing shop. This act of kindness meant the world to me. So while other kids of my age were rejoicing over some toy as a gift, I was excited over some piece of fabric, to make clothing for my Barbie doll. Can you beat that? LOL

As years passed by, my family relocated to Port Harcourt, Rivers State in the Southern region aka Niger Delta. Shout out to my Port Harcourt peeps ! Beautiful place! Beautiful people! The culture is vibrant and diverse. As I  completed my junior and senior high education,  I maximized every opportunity presented to satisfy my sewing desires.

It was time for my university education . I was very excited because, I was accepted in to the university of my choice, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu state.  Days before heading off to school, I had this long list of items needed, basic items like garri,  beverages, toiletries, sleeping wears, etc. I still remember my father dropping me off on campus, followed by tons of advice; African parents LOL! what do you expect?

As I approached my hall of residence (Ajanwachukwu hall) to pick up my room keys from the security, across from the hallway was a  loud voice saying “Great lions and lionesses” which followed with a thunderous response of voices screaming “great!” at the top of their lungs. These were fellow freshmen excited to be called lions and lionesses. I was excited too but nervous.

Studying in Enugu state was my first time away from home. Here I was,  a freshman enrolled to study  mathematics with the hope of switching over in my second year to computer and statistics. In this atmosphere of mixed feelings, the journey of discovering myself has just began…..

to be continued…stay tuned for part II


Here is a cheat sheet to familiarize with the places mentioned in the blog post.

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  1. As I’m reading, I can hear your voice telling me the words, like if you were seating in front of me, having a conversation. It’s very refreshing. Can’t wait to hear the rest…..

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