Flash back!!!!

08.24.2018 On this day, I had just completed my night shift of 12hours.  On my way home, I stopped by the gas station to fill my car with fuel. As I reached out for the noozle to start fueling,  I heard a voice behind me.  “Please, can you put gas in my car ?” I […]

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Forever August

08.20.18 On this day, I paid my final respect to my fellow comrade.  It wasn’t a sudden death, instead, it was expected. “Twas the case of aging gracefully” There were signs and symptoms. Each diagnostic visit, was a comeback for great victory! Except for this time, I felt a different aura as we left the […]

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Farewell 2017!!

Farewell my love , farewell! Farewell , you do mean well, Farewell 2017 but all is well! Reminisce at the glory of your essence From test to testimonies Mess to messages Darkness becoming light! Oh ! I almost quit but, I see the light ! Yes ! The light of hope The light of uncommon […]

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