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Asoebi !!!!- the concept

If you’re a Nigerian female, your life is not complete without some type of function that requires asoebi (at least in my opinion ♥). These days we have asoebi for everything ; naming ceremony, wedding, baby shower, graduation, funeral, etc.

Shout out to my Yoruba peeps! You guys are always on point! People, the yorubas do not compromise when it comes to asoebi.  The preparation is like a full-time job, LOL! I mean that’s how I felt after almost 9 years away from the motherland, trying to prepare for my sister’s (from another mother) wedding. Don’t get it twisted; it is fun to participate!!

This is a judgement free zone, right? So allow me to define asoebi

” as that uniqueness which brings  family and  friends, into a circle of oneness which signifies unity, joy, celebration, hope, laughter, tears of joy, fine dining and wining and any type of positivity you can think of! “

(FYI: this definition is found only in my personal glossary, lol!)

In other words, asoebi means colors, new shoes, clothes, new hair do, manicure, pedicure, head-pieces aka gele , assorted dishes , moimoi, jollof rice, fried rice, ofada rice, pottage yam aka asaro, fried plantain, moimoi, salad, assorted drinks, etc. Have I made your mouth watery yet ? Fried chicken, grilled chicken, the list goes on and on.

Also, looking at fashion  catalogues, and the best tailor in town to make the perfect style to be outstanding is part of the ordeal. Keep in mind, that cultural diversity and financial strength, creates variety and slight differences in the preferences showcased. Therefore, asoebi is a dynamic concept.

Remember the head-piece aka gele? It’s important to find someone who is good at tying one. I had to watch DIY videos on YouTube channel, at least 100 times, to familiarize myself with how to tie one. The struggle, guys! A good struggle,  indeed ! LOL!

Ooops! There it is ! ⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓  Can you spot me?



It’s important to learn those trendy steps for the dance floor because, you don’t want to be left out. In my case, azonto, shakiti bobo, shoki, etc, pretty much the order of the day. As a wise Port Harcourt girl, I had my waist dance as a bonus; just saying…

Yes! we spray the dollars in the air as the couple hit the dance floor ; that’s why your guest lists has to be people with generous mindsets (hint, hint). Therefore, in a wedding scenario,  appointed members of the asoebi are in charge of picking and counting the money, making sure no one makes away with, as the bride and groom dance away to the rhythm of the night. However, in other scenarios, the asoebi just sit and have fun.

This concept of asoebi is applicable to every culture, home and abroad. After all, what is an event without food, fun and most importantly colors?? It is indeed, the life of any party! It feels really overwhelming during the planning stage but, at the end of day, everyone is merry all the way!

Truly yours,

♥♥♥this Nigerian chic♥♥♥

Photo credit: Andrew

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  1. Lol, we live for moment like this. It’s so colourful. Even when using the same fabric, you better tell your Tailor to make yours outstanding.
    A great meeting place for old friends and of course new ones. 😂

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