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Gifted hands (part III)-The plan

Me: Hi Belinda! It’s been a while ! What are you up to these days?

Belinda: Girl! I am fine! I’m taking sewing lessons, somewhere downtown.

Me: Wow! That’s great! Can you take me there ? I’m interested in learning how to use a sewing machine. First of all, how much is the cost?

Belinda: I’m not quite sure of the price, it’s been a while since I registered. I think it’s between three to five thousand naira.

Me: Wow! That’s a lot of money. Do you know if your learning place will take me. Like, I want to start as soon as possible.

Belinda: I’m not sure but, there are other places in the area, plus I can accompany you if I’m less busy.

Me: Thanks girl! I have to ask my dad for the money.

Belinda: Good luck with that !

Me: I’ll give it a shot! What’s the worst that can happen? I keep you posted. Keep me in your prayers. Lol!

After the conversation, I  went home, and silently prayed the prayer of  my life. Asking God to forgive me of any sin that will not allow me to gain favor before my dad. Lol!

Y’all, this was a serious ordeal for me, knowing the caliber of person, he was. I had to get my facts in order and rationales to back up my request,  lol! Talking about real struggles. Lol!

(Later  that evening)

Me: Hi dad!

Dad: what do you want? (Brows raised with a frown).

Me: (Stuttering)  I would love to enroll in a sewing school.

Dad: Where did that idea come from? (Frown on the face)

Me: So since this ASUU strike has no expiration date yet, I figure that registering in a sewing school will be a good use of my time.

Dad: hmm ! Let me think about it. .

Me: ok! Thanks!

(Next day)

Me: Hi  dad! Did you consider my request?  I really want to utilize this opportunity. ( begging and saying silent prayers )

Dad: You’re aware that I’m not a fan of learning trading skills. University education is the best way to have a great life in my opinion.

Me: I know , dad (low voice). It’s just a hobby,……

Dad: I hope so! No child of mine will become a tailor! Go do your research and keep me posted on the cost.

Me: Thanks!(All smiles)

(Next day)

Me: Belinda, are you available to accompany to the place we talked about last time?

Belinda : Girl,  I’ve got stuff to do but, here is the address. Good luck!

Me: ok! No worries!

After this conversation,  I was disappointed that Belinda could not go with me. I’ve never  gone downtown alone. Y’all know downtown is downtown home and abroad, horrible stories and all. Lol!

I had mixed emotions, all these thoughts , questioning my passion and decision. At one point,  I said to myself,  “maybe it’s a sign that I shouldn’t explore this part of me”. Nevertheless, I left home in search for the mystery address with optimism. 


I arrived at the geographic location that I thought the address should be, after the hassle of asking people around, and being pointed to the different directions.

Frustration was creeping in like a flood, I was close to “throwing in the towel” Then I ran into some random sewing shop filled with a bunch of young men, speaking a different language aka Hausa language.

I showed them the address that I was looking for. They told me the owner had moved to a different location. Guys, you should have seen my face. My countenance suddenly fell. I was sweating profusely and looked so helpless.

One of the young men noticed my sudden change and asked what the problem was. He thought that I was some customer and maybe the tailor had relocated with my clothes.

To his utmost surprise, I replied no. I told him of my ordeal of the school strike, and my interest in fashion and designing. He smiled and said ” no worries,  if you don’t mind,  I know a great place where you can learn”. The young man who owns this  place that I’m going to show you, is my childhood friend. I’ll take you there but, I don’t know if he is still accepting students.

I responded quickly,  “Absolutely!” I literally,  believed this young man’s words and agreed to go to his friend’s sewing shop.

Side note: Each time, I reflect on this segment of my story, it gives me chills. How do you trust a total stranger? Remember,  it’s downtown ! Anything can go wrong!

I believe that when purpose and passion collides with destiny, the impossible becomes possible! The world we leave in, questions the authenticity of assistance from strangers,  sometimes, strangers are angels indiguise!

For the record, Do not follow strangers.


Image result for angel stranger

On this note, do you think that this young man was truly an angel,  Are you interested in the conversation that took place at his friend’s shop ? Do you think my plan actually worked?

Stay tuned for part IV…..

Much love! Muah!!!!

this Nigerian chic ♥♥♥♥


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2 thoughts on “Gifted hands (part III)-The plan Leave a comment

  1. I believe every human being has the potential to be an angel or a demon in disguise. Like the good & bad are part of life, of the world, they are part of ourselves. So in every situation where one person is involved, it’s a 50% chance… if 2 persons are involved, and you’re 100% sure that yourself is following the good path (and I’m sure you are according to all your prayers), then you face a situation with only 25% chance that this may go wrong. So, those are good odds, that it did end up well.
    But next time, take Belinda or someone alike with you, the more good people you know of involved in the situation, the better probabilities it will be a good experience indeed.


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