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It’s almost 9 years of residing in the land of my birthplace; 9 years away from the motherland! I vividly remember, one of the situations I struggled with, was  having a true tribe.

A part of me wanted to remain patriotic and adhere strictly to tribes that reminded me of the motherland. It didn’t matter if they were not adding value to my life, I just felt unnecessarily loyal. Lol!

On the other hand, were a  group of individuals, of which it was obvious that we did not share any resemblance or cultural heritage. Just like Elizabeth in the Bible, “my baby leaped for joy”(Luke 1:14) every time, I found myself around them. I became my best and felt connected but, I still struggled with accepting the truth.


The truth that, a true tribe may not look like or share the same cultural heritage.


Isn’t that typical of humans, that we sometimes, lie to ourselves because the truth seems different from our initial hypotheses?

Until, disappointments begin to set in and we are at constant war with our internal being.

One of the reality checks of life, is to be friends  today and tomorrow become strangers.

Some learn this principle quickly, while others learn after multiple disappointments.

Some have this loyalty mindset, to remain faithful, even when it’s obvious that “the horse is dead” and it’s time to dismount!


There’s nothing wrong with being loyal, but honey, it might be a wasted energy in the wrong place.

…just saying….


So here’s my question, because I’m so curious, lol , who’s in your tribe?

A true tribe will celebrate your accomplishments.

A true tribe will encourage you  in your worst moments.

A true tribe is not intimidated by your successes ( I can write a text book on this one, lol).


Still trying to figure out what I mean by a tribe? Well, here you go!

Any group of individuals that are not afraid to celebrate you at your best and remind you of your potentials at your worst. More like your ace, boon, coon, your ride or die ♥♥♥♥♥


Got it?Image result for Tribe animation

Y’all, I wish I could say this in a better way but, truth be told ;


You are not always going to remain friends with some of the people you started with and it’s ok!



Remember the higher the altitude,  the lesser the oxygen available,  so it is with your tribe.

You are going to lose some and gain more; keep an open mind!

If your tribe is not quite it! Don’t rush the process! Soon the fair-weather friends will fall off and you will experience that joy which accompanies a true tribe♥♥♥♥♥



I hope you enjoy viewing as much I did while writing.

Sending love your way!

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  1. I do admit I’m confused – still – with the notions of tribe & loyalty.. but I’ll try to “Remember the higher the altitude, the lesser the oxygen available, so it is with your tribe.”
    I think it’s an analogy i can hang on to try to part between the 2. Thanks

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