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In all things, give thanks!!!…..birthday reflections


“Intentionally schedule your pleasurable moments because good old pain will schedule itself”

I heard these words from my pastor , while worshiping at my home church , last Sunday, the 13th of August.

I’m at my job on Tuesday night, the 15th of August, suddenly, I  felt a slight heaviness on my left lower mandible. I tried to ignore the feeling until it felt like  a throbbing pain accompanying the heaviness.

I reached out to assess my face, it felt unusually warm and tender.  I turned to my buddie,   ” is my cheek swollen ?” I asked.  She replied yes!

Immediately, I became anxious. 3 days to my birthday, and I have made specials  plans to enjoy my  birthday weekend. I just had my nails done, the night before, I was thinking out loud. This swelling has officially ruined my chances of posting that perfect photo on face book. Y’all know how we want our fb photos to be on point!  Lol!

I decided to make an urgent appointment (or a walk-in) with the dentist, at least before my birthday.

Isn’t this the reality of life?  We make all these fantastic plans, suddenly,  something ugly and unpredictable,   rears its ugly head. We are discombobulated and thrown off balance.  One ugly incidence, the rest of the week is a wreck .

Remember,  my proposed walk-in to see the dentist the day before my birthday? It never happened ! Apparently all the dental care in my area closed at 12 noon on Friday, while others did not open at all.  So I rescheduled for Saturday, which is my birthday!

Yea, I’m going to the dentist on my birthday! So depressing!

As I slept through the night,  the excruciating pain from my swollen dental area, intermittently woke me up!

“You are getting a root canal ” these words echoed in my ears as the dentist explained further. Oh! What a birthday gift! I thought to myself. A list  of prescriptions for antibiotics and pain medicine, were handed to me as I scheduled a date for my root canal procedure.  The dentist and his staff were so kind to me. They empathized and wished “a happy birthday”!

20170819_120800.jpg (At the dentist’s office)

Can I be honest? I literally spent almost 5 hours at the dentist’s office.  It’s a tough decision to still feel excited and thankful for the addition of another year. As blunt as it sounds, to be thankful or not is still a  choice, y’all!




I Thessalonians 5:8 teaches us to give thanks in all things!

It is true that this root canal business is my reality. It is also true that I had to cancel my birthday plans for the day. But, I am thankful for all the birthday messages, missed calls, and voice messages. I am thankful for the gift of life and, another opportunity, to be a blessing, to someone who needs. I am thankful for another year added to my life. I am thankful for my antibiotics and pain medicine too, lol!

I choose to make thankfulness a life style. Selah!

Thanks for stopping by my blogpost! I hope someone is inspired to be thankful, always!

20170820_171311.jpg (Post-dental appointment)

♥♥♥♥this nigerian_chic♥♥♥♥









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  1. Your post-dental appointment picture looks great! Gratitude or Thanksgiving is not something we do when things are going fine nor when we are full of testimonies. The act of thanksgiving in the middle of adversity shows our level of trust and commitment to God’s supremacy over all! Thanks for sharing Akudo.

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