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I miss you daddy!!!

It is amazing how God always prepares his children for the next phase of life, even though we may be in denial. Death did not take you unawares; instead, you were ready and prepared for it. Remember when you would tell numerous never-ending moonlight stories? As a little child, I looked forward to those moments! I’m thankful for the times we spent together here on earth. You are many things to many people, but you will always be daddy to me!

Born without a silver spoon, you conquered poverty. Your intelligence, boldness, tenacity, confidence, persistence, and wealth of knowledge never ceases to amaze me. A man who dared to dream so big to raise the standard of my perspective of life, that’s who you are! My hero and a great warrior indeed. Thank you for the opportunity to take good care of you as you prepared to leave planet earth. Don’t get me wrong, I have cried my eyes out until I can cry no more, but I have peace of mind that you died fulfilled and accomplished.

The blessings proclaimed by you over my life, I hold on to those last words and conversations. Man! Every daughter needs the reassuring voice of her daddy. There’s no doubt I have your reassuring voice to last me till eternity!

You are a man who never ran away from his fears. Far from perfect, but what human is truly perfect? I am yet to find. When life gives you lemonade, daddy, you know how to squeeze some good old tasty lemon juice out of it. I could go on and on and on. Thank you for setting the standards of what success looks like. Don’t hunt for wild meat in heaven; heaven’s streets are made of gold #inside joke. My dad loved hunting for game meat in case you haven’t figured it out. Words will never be enough to say how irreplaceable you are. As you rest in God’s heavenly peace, be assured that your legacy lives on! Miss you so much!!

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