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Coming to America-Episode III- There’s God O O O!!!!!!

“What is the big deal about losing your job in a clothing store? How much money were you making anyways?” One might ask.

When I was in Nigeria preparing to travel to United States, I was under the impression that, a job and a place of residence will be available, before my arrival. That was not the case!

Few weeks into my new living condition, my dearest host said to me with skepticism, “we are going job hunting today” I thought it was going to be one of those scenarios, where my job position will be available and, I will resume work without stress. God bless my motherland, but the sad reality is that employment of your choice, mostly depends on who you know. Here am I , original Johnny just come, expecting the same vibes, lol! I was wrong!!!

My Nigerian  peeps would say, “Like play like play”,

I was dropped off at the mall, and I literally walked into every shop, alone , asking or rather begging, lol, to be hired. Begging for a job? Hecks yeah! My grace period of free accommodation was close to its expiration date. I had to step up my game lol!

The first store that I stopped by, asked for my resume. Lol! You should have seen the look on my face. Seriously?  Who is resume? ?? By the time the owner of the shop, painfully, explained what she meant,  I realized that she was asking for my C.V also known as Curriculum Vitae. Through out my years in Nigeria, everyone called it C.V

Which one be resume??? American English na wa!!!!


 The hiring process in the United States, is a very interesting one, especially with a foreign degree or certification. The hiring manager has to verify your residential status, social security number, state of residence identification, and the list goes on and on. The process is less dramatic with certification or degree earned in the States, obviously.

That one can transition from working in a prestigious professional career in their place of origin, to being grateful for employments in two or more menial jobs in a foreign land, is a scary reality! Reality checks!! When one thinks about the stress and financial crisis of satisfying the American academic  equivalent, working two or more menial jobs seems to be the way to go!

“It’s interesting how those skills such as cooking, hair braiding, sewing, etc  that we looked down on, suddenly, becomes a gold mine in a foreign land”.

Madames and Ogas are no exempt-There’s this humility that strikes you , because titles and past accolades doesn’t matter anymore, Survival becomes the priority of the moment, hmmmm!!

I am not writing to criticize the influx of immigrants to the western world. “To each their own” I am just documenting and sharing my experience. Please bear with me.

Therefore, when I  received the phone call, about my job position  in the alteration store, “it was like heaven came down to  earth” I was on top of the moon and nothing could bring me!  So I thought!

Prior to this moment, all I did was to stay home all day, almost feeling depressed. Getting hired,  was a huge relief to me, until I lost the job!

My sad reality! I guess my happiness was short lived. The mall was closed for good.  At this time it was my second year in college. Almost a year of no job, except in the weekends  when I braided or minded someone’s child. My school library was literally my second home.

“From the rising of the sun, until it’s going down, yours truly had breakfast, lunch, and dinner, in the library, lol!! Good times!!! “

True story guys!! One sunny afternoon,  one the librarians walked over to my reading spot and, said these words to me “you seem to be a nice girl. ..I’ve been observing you…always reading in your favorite spot….how would you like to work as a part time library assistant?

My reaction..,,,

I pinched myself to wake up from this fantasy dream. Do you know how many times I tried the hiring process on campus? Over the course of not having a real job, I’d literally stepped up my faith levels and Christian walk with my God. I had prayed, fasted, and experienced lots of disappointments, especially  by my so-called Nigerian bros and sis- please don’t get me started .lol! I was done!!  I could not believe that I was, been offered a job by a total stranger,  just like that.

“In my Nigerian accent,  there is God o o o o !!!!”

….to be continued. ..!!!

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  1. Loved reading your story. Can’t wait to read the rest of it. Looking forward to the continuation sooner than later.
    Also love your writing style. You have this amazing ability to paint a very vivid picture of your story using your words only! You draw me into your world.Thank you for sharing your coming to America experience.

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