Forever August

08.20.18 On this day, I paid my final respect to my fellow comrade.  It wasn’t a sudden death, instead, it was expected. “Twas the case of aging gracefully” There were signs and symptoms. Each diagnostic visit, was a comeback for great victory! Except for this time, I felt a different aura as we left the […]

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Gifted hands – the finale !

I  vividly remember my clienteles reactions as soon as they realized that December 2009, will probably be the last time , that I would make clothes for them. (The ones that I confided in). It was a bitter -sweet moment for the most part. My clienteles were excited, at the same time worried about the […]

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Gifted hands (part II) The strike!!

Repent! Repent! For the kingdom of God is at hand! (just like John the baptist, crying in the wilderness….lol!) These words from a group of enthusiastic students,standing in front of our hall of residence.  Pretty much excited to share their faith and invite everyone to fellowship with them. We  had various faith based groups on […]

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