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It’s midday, I’m relaxing in my living room after going through my emails for the gazillionth time. My phone rings! “May I speak to Ms. Akudo ?” “This is her,” I responded. “We are offering you a zoom interview on the 3rd of March, what time works best for you?” Immediately, I perked up at the mention of the word “interview”.

But, wait a second! Did she just say zoom ??? This will be my first time!

With my emotions on roller coasters, I asked if the school actually accepted students based on zoom interviews. I was paranoid from being waitlisted from previous interviews at other universities. They were in-person by the way. I was just making sure that it was not a waste of my time and mental space. Filled with so much doubt, I made my appointment and the count down began!

I started my research on tips for a successful interview. To be honest it was more like tips for survival!

I was afraid that my Nigerian accent will interrupt how I conveyed my words. I didn’t want to disappoint the panel of judges during my interview session. Thank God for my friends at work and google! I asked a ton of questions! I practiced, utilizing the same space in my place of residence.

I wanted to connect with the art of articulating my words and maintaining a good sitting posture during a live recording session.

I practiced how to look at the camera lens while talking, the temptations of looking at yourself is real, I wanted to be as professional as I could be. I bought a suit for my interview, because I wanted to feel good.

I believed that my internal feeling is a constant factor on how I would express my confidence and enthusiasm on my D-day.

Since I work in a critical care unit, I read clinical notes on the diagnoses prevalent with my patient population, every shift. I mastered the clinical importance of sedatives, vasopressors, hemodynamic parameters, lab values, ABGs, ventilation and perfusion. I made note of drugs down to their receptor levels.

Why did I put in so much effort? When life offers another chance, don’t waste it! Be ready and do your best! -That’s my philosophy on opportunities.

The 3rd of March came by quickly! Isn’t it crazy! No matter how much effort I put in my preparation, I still felt like I wasn’t ready! I sat in front of my computer , literally counting each seconds as the clocked ticked away!

On the count of 3, 2, 1, my interview session commenced!

All I remember is that each answer I gave prompted the next question. After my previous interviews, I wasn’t afraid to indicate that I didn’t know the answers to some of the questions. I wasn’t going to fabricate any lie.

“You either love me or leave me” -that was the state of my mind.

The clinical portion went smoothly. Man! The personality questions left me feeling vulnerable! Literally, invading my private space! If you’re scheduled for an interview and you don’t have an elevator speech prepared, do yourself a huge favor and write one.

You’ll thank me later!

How did I stay motivated?? Of course with Covid -19 unleashed, I was vulnerable to moments of doubts, anxiety, disappointments, and almost believing that it may never happen. I had multiple shadowing experiences to reiterate my passion. I made daily notes of affirmations to remind myself of my goal.

Intentionally, stay around people that believe in your future.You might not think it’s important until you receive a rejection letter or alternate list that makes you question your abilities.

I watched YouTube videos of student nurse anesthetists and listened to their academic journey. As a Christian, I believe that prayer works! So I prayed like it was upto God for a miracle!

What more can I say ? The rest is history. I am counting down to the first day of classes!

Stay tuned!!

Downtown Jacksonville, Florida

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  1. Very encouraging and well detailed. I felt like I could picture your every step of the way during the process. Congrats on making it.


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