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Bedside Stories

First time I saw a CT scanner, it reminded of the movie “Avatar”. Your hero’s journey, literally, begins on the scanning bed to the forest of Radiography. The technician makes sure your imaging is a success. BTW, I hear that the contrast dye can help you find your “avatar” 😜🤣😜

First time floating, I felt like Super man! 😳😳😳

I am convinced that the inventor of EVDs must be a fan of horror movies. If you don’t believe me, why do we have to drill holes in human skulls, in order to use them?!?!🤔

Do you see it ?!? Are you sure?? Let’s use a penlight! The one that winks at you is the right one!! That’s me trying to convince Mr Foley that he just won a lottery 😂

So you think you have patience??!? Try working in a Covid ICU! The ritual involved in going in and out of each patient’s room, will stretch your patience to its elastic limit 🤣🤣🤣

Do you want to be a vampire for a day?!?!😳Try drawing blood for lab work. If the hands don’t work, try the feet! You’re welcome! 😉😉

It’s ok to have insomnia-only if you’re eating cookies 😜😜

Last night of my orientation, I cried “free at last! “ Few shifts later, I get a train wreck —send helpppppp!!!!!😂

… be continued!!!

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