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Forever August


On this day, I paid my final respect to my fellow comrade.  It wasn’t a sudden death, instead, it was expected.

“Twas the case of aging gracefully”

There were signs and symptoms. Each diagnostic visit, was a comeback for great victory! Except for this time, I felt a different aura as we left the diagnostic clinic.

The experts confirmed my thoughts. It was time to let go! So I decided to ride you one more time, before saying good bye!

I watched you release your final breathe. Hmmm! The separation anxiety is real!!!

Hmm! I wish our human relationships were as faithful as you were. You were truly my “ride or die “.

Oh! the struggles of parallel parking, lol! But we got that driver’s license!

You graduated twice with me. Took me to my first real job. You allowed me to perfect my driving skills, because when I first met you, I didn’t know how.

I was ridiculed because you had two colors. Not by choice but, by circumstances beyond my control. Guess what? Soonest that which was a source of ridicule, became my pride.

If you saw a white car with a red door cruising down the streets of Atlanta,  you knew that “this nigerian_chic 💋 💋 is coming to town” lol!

From the east side of Decatur, Georgia to the mountains of Cartersville, Georgia, we have survived every blue light along  the way, mostly importantly, we have never suffered a wreck !

You never left me stranded, instead you will take me home safely, before breaking down.

“That’s real love!!”

Huge shout out to everyone that fueled, picked me up when you were down!! Special thanks to my mechanic, that worked hard to make sure, that you passed every emission test, lol!!!

“I know that you have a special place in the heavens of amazing cars”

So long! Farewell! You will be greatly missed!!

97 Ford Taurus ( August 2010 -August 2018)



…watch this space for “Coming to America part V”

#this nigerian_chic 💋 💋 💋










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  1. Love your article. It is hilarious. “..because you had two colors. Not by choice but circumstances” I couldn’t stop laughing. It is sad, but real truth. You made my day. Keep posting more articles!

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