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Flash back!!!!


On this day, I had just completed my night shift of 12hours.  On my way home, I stopped by the gas station to fill my car with fuel. As I reached out for the noozle to start fueling,  I heard a voice behind me.  “Please, can you put gas in my car ?” I turned around to see a young man asking me for assistance.

I stepped back for safety,  as he continued, “Please I am not asking for your cash, I just don’t have any means to fuel my tank and I have a long way to drive. I just want to go home”  This young man was driving a very nice car. “How could he own such an expensive car without the means to fuel his tank?” I immediately judged him. I bluntly told him that I didn’t have any cash on me and could not assist him. He politely thanked me and walked away.

I was ready to drive home, in split seconds,

I had a flash back!!! !

Almost 2 years ago, I was heading to school and realized that my fuel tank was showing red, which meant that my tank was almost empty. I stopped by the gas station to fill it up and realized that I had no money on me. At that time, I didn’t own a credit card, and most of my transactions were paid in cash. I had a part time job then but, I was waiting for my next pay check. I summoned up courage, and asked the sales man to fill my tank with 10 dollars worth of fuel. After all I am a regular customer here, there shouldn’t be any problem. I was wrong!

Unfortunately, it was a different sales man , who did not know me. I asked him anyway and, he responded that he couldn’t grant my request, since his boss wasn’t present.

I started sweating profusely, my sympathetic nervous system was in  kinetic motion, lol!  Y’all, I had an exam to write, “somebody wake me up from this bad dream, lol”. 

I paced to and fro; Time was not in my favor. By the way, the location of this gas station was not technically safe for a young woman like me  to hang around, asking for gas money.

All these thoughts running through my head, suddenly a stranger walks toward me. I was scared!! He asked me what the problem was, I told him. He reaches in his pocket and hands me $20.00 to fill my tank and, he politely walked away. I was surprised!!! I could not thank him enough!!

I was not different from this young man that’s asking for my assistance. What gives me the audacity to judge him?

Wait a minute!! It’s the same scenario with different characters in the scene!

Thank God for the gift called “guilty conscience” lol! I searched for this young man and filled his car tank with fuel. He was happy and grateful. He continued thanking me as he drove home. Hmm! What a day!! You just never know!!

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