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My ReVeNge !!!!

It started as a conversation, somewhere in Clarkston, GA. “I’d love to visit New York”, I said to my sister and dear friend, Caroline. It had been a busy day, volunteering at the free clinic, so we took advantage of the little break to chat. I thought she was joking when she responded “I’m in !! Let’s do it!”   Few days later, we checked our schedule, choose a date, and booked our flight ! So, the count down to our D-day began!!

“Don’t smile at anyone! You don’t want to look like a tourist!! New Yorkers are so unfriendly!!! Make sure you eat the pizza!!,etc.”

I was advised by some of my friends, lol! I’m pretty sure, that they didn’t mean any harm. They were just looking out for my wellness and safety.

In my previous blog, I’d mentioned my initial experience in the city of New York, I was enroute to Georgia from the Motherland. That was in December 20th, 2009, I will never forget that day. I showed up at JFK, wearing a Tee shirt and a pair of jeans. The Cold!!! I almost froze,to death, lol! But, this time, I was ready for New York! Boots, jacket, sweater, scarf, layers upon layers, you name it!!

I was ready to take up New York with my Empire State of mind! Lol!

When opportunity presents itself a second time, give it your best! So I woke up on the day of my flight, super excited. Every thing checked off on my list. I was enroute via uber, to the airport, to meet up with Caroline. I arrived the airport,  without the slightest notice that I was 10 minutes late to my boarding time.

Welp!!! I’d just missed my flight!

Little drops of disappointment, began to sip into my mind. I begged at the security checkpoint, to let me on my board my flight – You should see the look on her face  as she responded, “Ma’am, there’s a line in front of you! Go talk to customer service !!  

For goodness sake! I’d just completed a 4- night shift. I woke up early at 0300 to prepare.  I checked in my flight via phone 24hrs ago, that’s how pro-active I was, lol To top it all,  “my red lady” graced my morning with her presence  (ladies you know what I mean lol!).  Could things get any worse….!!

This is me in vent mode! Lol!

Well, if there’s a will, there’s a way!  I re-booked my flight on a “standby status” I munched on my Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich as I waited for two hours for my next flight….!“Fasten your seat belts,  this plane is ready for landing. Welcome to LaGuardia Airport, New York!

Breaking News!! We made it to “the big Apple”!!!

NYC, 2018

From the streets of Brooklyn through the hustle and bustle of Manhattan,

We made our way to Ellis Island to pay homage to Lady Liberty.
At the end of our weekend trip, we walked over 20 miles, 45,073 steps, and 37 floors.


Huge shout out to my sister from another mother, Caroline, and our amazing host and hostess, David and Suzanne!!

My revenge is complete!!! I rest my case!!! lol!!!



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