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Dear Rona

Disclaimer: Rona is another name for Corona Virus

It’s been a hot minute since you took over the world. Most people including me have mixed feelings about this new sensation.

Like play, like play, Rona vex come outside!

There is word on the street that you Rona, must have ties with animals, others believe that you have conspired with 5G to make our lives miserable, lol! While the experts are promoting social distancing and shelter in place policies, personally, I want you to know that I am sick and tired of you. One can’t have a conversation without mentioning your name. What the heck?!?

Rona this, Rona that, you have become a household name. I don tire o!!

You have taught my hands to war on a whole new level! This is not your regular war with guns and bullets. I’m talking about yellow gowns, gloves of various sizes, face shield and goggles, N-95 respiratory masks, surgical mask including hand sewn mask, you name it all!

These are my arsenal for war!

Levophed, Vasopressin, epinephrine, propofol, fentanyl, dobutamine, amiodarone dripping through lines to combat this battle against Rona! The sickest of the sickest on high peep with a generous amount of sedation.

The lungs are stiff and very angry, gasping desperately for air! The rules are complicated, you have to risk it, get your feet wet, to save a life!

After all, Corona no dey fear face, e no dey discriminate, no be small thing o!

Massive thank you to every frontliner passionately, combating the complications of this virus! Let’s not forget the families that have lost loved ones. May they find strength and comfort for the journey ahead.

The battle is not over, we shall overcome!


….to be continued…!!!

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