Farewell 2017!!

Farewell my love , farewell! Farewell , you do mean well, Farewell 2017 but all is well! Reminisce at the glory of your essence From test to testimonies Mess to messages Darkness becoming light! Oh ! I almost quit but, I see the light ! Yes ! The light of hope The light of uncommon […]

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It’s almost Christmas!

It’s  beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Every where I go….¶¶¶¶¶¶ Hi guys!  It’s that season of the year. The season of love, giving, joy, and anything wonderful you can think of. Quick question guys! Am I the only that thinks that everyone is suddenly nice and wanting to share and give assistance during […]

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A November to Remember!!!

This year’s thanksgiving holiday, is definitely different but, most importantly, special to me. Hmmm!, take a quick guess! Certainly, it is not  what you think it is, lol! Before I tell you the “what”, permit me to walk you down, the memory lane, of my childhood. My parents’ marriage ended, when I was 11 to […]

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The secret life of a blogger ♡♡

I’ve been blogging for almost 4 months now. I most say that  it’s quite an interesting art!! Someone, once asked me to define blogging and what it means to me. In my honesty, I simply responded as follows : “Blogging is the art of playing with words, with the  intention of using real life stories intertwined […]

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Gifted hands – the finale !

I  vividly remember my clienteles reactions as soon as they realized that December 2009, will probably be the last time , that I would make clothes for them. (The ones that I confided in). It was a bitter -sweet moment for the most part. My clienteles were excited, at the same time worried about the […]

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The waiting game!!!-Girl talk -part I

Welcome to this exciting series of the ‘waiting game’ . As we marinate on  this interesting topic, that’s subject to occur on planet earth, lol!  Incase you’re wondering what this term means. It is a trendy way of describing, those moments/time period in a single woman’s life, when the woman, thinks  she is ready to be married […]

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